$10.00 Gift Certificate

Part #: GIFT10
Net Weight: oz

$10.00 Gift Certificate Code.  

Once order is placed, you will receive a code via email to enter into the website.  It may take a few minutes due to manually customizing the code.

Please enter the name of the person in the Notes when you check out.

Please select "Pick up at Store" so that you won't be charged for shipping.


In order to use the code, the total of the purchase must be at least 1 cent more than the gift certificate without shipping.  If you purchase a $10.00 gift certificate, you will have to have at least $10.01 in the cart.

Gift codes don't apply to shipping.  


If you would like a specific amount other than what we have posted, please contact Steve at SHite@ObeCoInc.com.

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