12"x16" Framed Net

Part #: OBR1216(Netting)FRAME
Net Weight: 16 oz

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Framed Net Pockets are a great way to organize any open wall space.  Use Framed Nets in your home, garage, RV, boat, cargo trailer or jail cell.  The 12"x16" Framed Net is great for storing small and medium sized items such as small kittens and contraband.

Part #: OBR1216(Netting)FRAME

Product Details:

  • Mounts flush on any open wall space, ceilings, bunk beds, kitchen shelves, humane shelters, restroom stalls, and that secret space above the ceiling tile at work.
  • Available in 4 different net styles (Black Stretch, Black Diamond, Diamond, and Black Honeycomb) including 3 different colors (Diamonds: Black, Grey, and Tan )
  • Frame color is black, like my toenail since I kicked the bedpost one dark and stormy night.
  • Includes 5 mounting P-clamps and screws
  • Simply attach the P-Clamps at the 4 corners and one in the bottom center of the frame grabbing the net and frame at the same time.  Run the provided screws through the P-clamps into any open wall space

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1-4 Pieces $18.00 ea.
5-9 Pieces $17.00 ea.
10+ Pieces $16.00 ea.


Shipping by UPS Only.  The part is too big for USPS.   If USPS is selected, we will ship it by UPS and charge the difference. We will also hunt down your children, feed them lots of sugar and caffeine and give them a kitten.

This item is built to order and can take from 1-3 business days to make. Expedited shipping will be from the day shipped and not the day ordered.


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