12"x31" Framed Net

Part #: OBR1231(Netting)FRAME
Net Weight: 5.5 lbs

Framed Net Pockets are a great way to organize your golf cart. Keep your jacket, umbrella, or many other items tucked up out of the way so as to keep your other baskets and storage areas clear for heavier items.  You can also use Framed Nets in your home, garage, RV, boat or cargo trailer.

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Product Details

  • Mounts flush on any open wall space
  • Available in 4 different net styles (Black Stretch, Black Diamond, Diamond, and Black Honeycomb) including 3 different colors (Diamonds: Black, Grey, and Tan)
  • Frame colors are black and tan.
  • Includes 5 mounting P-clamps and screws
  • Simply attach the P-clamps in the 4 corners and along the bottom center grabbing the net and the frame at the same time.  Run the provided screws through the P-clamps into any open wall space.
Available Shipping UPS or USPS

Yes, we ship to England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada! Send us an email and we will get you the shipping totals. We can ship to other countries as well, call for details.

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This item is built to order and can take from 1-3 business days to make. Expedited shipping will be from the day shipped and not the day ordered. Handmade in the USA.

To download mounting instructions click here.

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