20"x36" Barrier Stretch Net

Part #: OBR2036BSHCTC4J
Net Weight: 1.10 lbs

Barrier Stretch Nets are a great way to enhance storage in your Golf cart, home, garage, RV, boat or cargo trailer.  Attach the bottom to the back of your golf cart and stretch over your groceries to keep secure to the cart.  You can even attach one to the top of the roof for bigger cargo storage.  More storage means more options and greater flexibility for your cart.  With our super stretch barrier nets, you can secure all of your belongings to the cart for maximum safety, security and mobility.  Wife tested and approved!

You can also use Barrier Stretch Nets to create secure storage in a variety of areas including shelving.  Barrier Stretch Nets are removable for easy access to stored items.  The elastic netting material used in Barrier Stretch Nets makes it easy to fit many sizes with just a few parts.  The 20"x36" Barrier Stretch Net will fit openings 18-34"H x 36-50"L.

Part #: OBR2036BSHCTC4J

Product Details:

  • Elastic Netting fits openings 18-34"H x 36-50"L
  • Includes 8 "J" hooks and screws for mounting
  • Simply install the "J" hooks with provided screws and mount the Barrier Net

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1-4 Pieces $32.15 ea.
5-9 Pieces $29.65 ea.
10+ Pieces $26.65 ea.


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