3522 Desktop Swivel Mount

Part #: LCD-3522
Net Weight: 7 lbs

The Master Mounts Universal Desktop TV Mount, professional series was designed to secure (screw down) a TV or computer screen to a flat, stable surface like a table or desk. Will hold a screen up to 80 pounds. Great to use in RVs, boats, hotel rooms, schools, and kiosks. Keeps kids and pets from knocking over and ruining your screen. Prevents screen thefts.

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  • Mount/Bracket for 10 - 42 in. TVs.
  • Dimension - 18.25 x 4 x 9 in.
  • Built-in swivel up to 120º allows for optimum viewing angle
  • Base bolts down for safety and security
  • Adjustable height allows for greater flexibility
  • Arm extension 23"
  • Decorative base is aesthetically pleasing and hides desktop mounting hardware
  • Built in 100x100mm, 100x200mm, 200x100mm, 160x160mm, and       200x200mm     VESA® adapter plates
  • Standard: 4"x4",         4"x7 7/8",     7 7/8"x4",    6 1/4 x 6 1/4, and 11 13/16 x11 13/16 VESA® adapter plates
  • Lifetime Mount Guarantee: If mount fails due to normal use, Master Mounts will fix or replace it.

Recommended for

  • Up to 42" flat panel screens
  • Up to 80 lbs
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1-9 Pieces $73.45 ea.  10+Pieces $63.45 ea.
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