40mm SNAD Rigid Stud

Part #: SNAD-40STUD
Net Weight: 0.16 oz

40mm rigid dome stud to be mounted on relatively flat substrates

Minimum of 10 pieces

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Organized Obie is proud to carry YKK Snap Fastners America's SNAD adhesive snap components. Unlike conventional metal screw studs the SNAD will not snag clothing or deteriorate from exposure to sunlight. What's more amazing about SNAD adhesive snaps is how they secure to desired substrates. On the underside of each part is a pad of 3M, VHB acrylic conformable foam adhesive that enables the snap to be adhered without having to drill a hole on almost any smooth surface.

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10-99 Pc. $1.65 100-499 Pc. $1.25  500+ Pc. $1.15




  1. Clean the surface with 50/50 alcohol and water where the SNAP is to be applied
  2. Peel off the protective paper backing
  3. Position in place and firmly hold the SNAD socket or stud in place and release
  4. Wait 24 hours and you are done!

​SNADs will adhere to most clean, dry and well-unified surfaces. Typical surface cleaning solvents are a 50/50 Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) water mixture. 
After application, the bond strength increases and approaches the ultimate bond strength after 72 hours at 70°F (21°C). Typical bond strength build-up: 20 minutes equals 50% bond strength, one hour equals 75% bond strength, one day equals 90% bond strength, and three days equals 100% bond strength.

  • Use the adhsesive snap (SNAD) wherever a conventional screw might be used
  • Replace existing screw studs without the need to fill-in the screw hole
  • Use where screw studs are impossible to be mounted because a hole cannot be drilled
  • SNAD adhesive snaps are great for boats, RVs and cargo trailers
  • Use adhesive snaps to hang banners on buildings
  • Much, much, much more!

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