8" Honeycomb Net

Part #: NET-3PXD
Net Weight: .9 oz

Our 8" Honeycomb netting is great for a variety of applications which require storage of smaller items. Honeycomb Netting can be used for either storage or cargo restraints. It is 8" tall and up to 500ft in length.

Purchased by the foot

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Product Details

  • Approximately 1/2" holes
  • Smaller holes and sturdy construction
  • Black Honeycomb Netting

Simply enter in the number of feet you would like to purchase.

  • No returns for bulk custom cut pieces and/or "lot to lot" die color variations.
Quantity Discount
1-49 Ft. $3.15 50-99 Ft. $2.85  100+ Ft. $2.55




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