Black Mesh Squared Storage Bag

Part #: CR191217BECONSSG-Clearance
Net Weight: 7.25 oz

This Black Mesh Squared Storage Bag is great for wet items by the pool or on a boat.  It is 19 x 12 x 17 with Stainless Steel grommets to inhibit rust.  Can be mounted with screws and washers (not included) or with our Stayput fasteners for easy removal. (not included). 

Stayput Fasteners for Grommets  to purchase Stayput Fasteners, click here

Perfect for swimsuits and wet towels!  The open mesh allows for moisture to evaporate and yet keeps the clothes clean and prevents clutter.  Weave a rope around the grommets and you can tie it off as a convenient carrying bag.

See pictures for actual dimensions and profile.

ONLY 46 AVAILABLE.  When they are gone, they are gone!   (Especially at this price).  If you want all of them, please contact Steve for details.  

Should you order more than what we have in stock, your order will be adjusted accordingly.  We will try to contact you to verify and confirm the difference.



If you are a manufacturer and are looking for something like this for your RV, boat, work truck, or parts collector, please give us a ring and we will get you a quote.

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