Bunk Bed Safety Nets

Part #: OB1745BUNKNET
Net Weight: 6 lbs

Super Strong Bunk Bed Safety Nets!

OB1745BUNKNET – 17”x45” Mesh Net w/ 31" Adjustable Straps, Reinforced Fiberglass Rod, Seat Belt Buckles and 2” Footman Loops.  Hardware attaches permanently to the bottom of the bunk with burn holes and can be tucked under the mattress in transit.  

Bunk bed nets are SUPER STRONG and HEAVY DUTY!

Replaces wooden and metal guardrails.  The OrganizedObie.com Bunk Bed Safety net keeps the arms and legs inside the bed.  The nets are solid so Snuggles and Woobies stay safe in bed too.  

When not in use, the Bunk Bed Safety Net tucks in nicely under the mattress clean out of site.

1-4 Pieces $74.95 ea.
5-9 Pieces $69.95 ea.
10+ Pieces $59.95 ea.


Shipping by UPS Only.  The part is too big for USPS.   If USPS is selected, we will ship it by UPS and charge the difference.  If ordering more than one being sent Next Day Air, please call for quote.

Yes, we ship to England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada!  Send us an email and we will get you the shipping totals. (Canada is already in the website system, so order away!) We can ship to other countries as well, call for details.


This item is built to order and can take from 1-3 business days to make. Expedited shipping will be from the day shipped and not the day ordered. Handmade in the USA.

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