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Custom Magnets


At ObeCo we can design and engineer custom magnets to your exact specifications.

We use Neodymium magnet engineers and product development specialists to assure you the best quality products.

Although some magnet manufacturers limit access to design and engineering staff, ObeCo understands that communicating with your engineering staff is the key to every project’s success.  Our design and engineering team members remain engaged throughout the life of your project so to ensure a knowledgeable professional is always available to discuss project details.

If you are frustrated by poor communication and the complexities of the custom neodymium magnet design or fabrication process, or if you have grown weary of hearing your application is too simple, too technically complex, then perhaps it is time to consider ObeCo.   We are an engineering-oriented company that understands your industry, segment, language, and unique specifications.

Whether your project’s scope ranges from prototypes to production quantity runs, we welcome your custom neodymium magnet challenges and the opportunity to provide best-in-industry solutions.  


Call us or contact us with your ideas, and let ObeCo do the rest.