3/4 Angle Mount Magnet, Cup and Strike Plate

Part #: OBR-DM-AM-3/4
Net Weight: 1.1 oz

Keep doors and drawers securely closed with these magnetic latches that are perfect for boats, motor homes, utility vehicles with cabinets, and workshops because they’re non-mechanical! And they’re easy to mount: two screws and you’re done.

Strong rare-earth magnets housed in stainless steel mounts create catches that will stand up to outdoor or marine use.

  • 20-lb. holding strength
  • 3/4" disk attached via “L” bracket
  • Nickel plated rare-earth magnets provide lifetime service
  • 3mm-thick strike plates can be recessed to reduce the gap between cabinet and door
  • Stainless steel mounting screws are included
1-9 Pieces $4.20 ea.
10-24 Pieces $3.70 ea.
25+ Pieces

$3.20 ea.

Shipping by UPS and USPS.


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