Baggage Door Magnet Easter Egg

Net Weight: 2 oz

Okay so, how many people keep putting up with those pesky plastic baggage door catches?  It takes two hands to open them and more often than not, you have stuff in your hands and can't open the door without putting something on the nasty ground.  Why all of the stress?  Then when you go to close the cargo door, you forget the latch is still connected and rip the thing off of the wall. Then you log on to Google and don't remember what the name of the part is. Unfortunately Baggage door thingy doesn't pull up what you want.  Once it is broken, how long do you put up with lifting the door and holding it up with your head? Stop the madness forever!


Baggage Door Magnetic catch used primarily for compartment hatch doors, cargo door latches, whatever you want to call them. Catches attract to metal plate or magnet for multiple uses.

1 1/2" Round Magnet w/Powder Coated Strike Plate and (4) 3/4" stainless screws

8 lb pull


What happens when you keep doing the same thing expecting different results.

1-9 Pieces $6.50 ea.
10-24 Pieces $5.50 ea.
25+ Pieces $4.50 ea.

Shipping by UPS and USPS.


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