Round Baggage Door Magnet

Net Weight: 2 oz

Never change a broken catch again!

Magnetic catch is wonderful for compartment hatch doors but can also be used for a whole host of other applications.

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Why OrganizedObie's Round Baggage Door Magnet out performs the standard plastic baggage door catch

  • Never breaks!
  • Only need one hand to open baggage door!
  • Still works when covered in ice or freezing rain.
  • Easy to close!  Look Mom, only one hand!
  • Never need replacing
  • Catches attract to metal plate or magnet to each other for multiple uses.
  • Nylon casing to prevent scratches.
  • Beveled magnet for easy twist action removal for chef knives and tools.
  • 1 1/2" Round Magnet w/Powder Coated Strike Plate and (4) 3/4" #8 Black screws
  • 15/16" center to center screw placement.
  • 8 lb pull.

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