Chef Knife Utility Magnets

Net Weight: 2 oz

Chef Knife Utility Magnets- thinner profile than our round magnet.  Nice nylon anti scratch magnet to protect your knife. Thin enough to allow easy twist off of knives and other utensils. Knives appear to float on the wall or cabinet doors. They stay hidden behind the blade so you don't have to have a wide magnetic bar when you only have a few knives to hang. Looks clean and uncluttered on the wall.

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Protects the blade from banging against other utensils in a drawer preventing damaging the blade edge.

  • 1-1/2" Rectangle Mag Set (North & South) and (4) 3/4" stainless screws
  • 15/16" center to center screw placement.
  • 4lbs pull
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1-4 Pc. $6.00 5-9 Pc. $5.00  10+ Pc. $4.00




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