Jump Start Battery Charge Posts

Part #: JSC-2A(Color)
Net Weight: 12 oz

These are not your grandmother's external battery posts.  These are BUILT AMERICAN TOUGH Military Spec Heavy Duty no nonsense Jump Start Charge Units.  These are your sub-zero, Antarctic, Deep Space, heavy glove and mitten wearing posts.  You won't be "blessing" these posts for not having a good connection or not being able to use them with your gloves on.   These power hungry post allow “easy” remote access to battery connections for jumping or charging, in both automotive, RV and marine applications.  Ideal for batteries in hard to reach locations.  Jump Start Charge uses standard battery cables and operate as power pass-through points to a more convenient location.  Use Jump Start Charge under a hood or in a compartment. 

The Jump Start Charge Unit uses ObeCo Sure-Seal gasket tape that guarantees 100% waterproof seal when compressed at least 50%.

    To learn more about our Sure-Seal gasket tape, CLICK HERE.

Available in black and off-white. 



     Overall Dimensions: 4 1/8" x 2 1/2"

     Overall Height: 3"  76mm

     Top Height: 2" 51mm(including Sure Seal Gasket which will compress when mounted)

           When compressed about 1 7/8" tall. Also with caps on. 

     Bottom Height: 1 1/4" 32mm with caps on

     Black Stud: 5/8" 16mm wide

     Red Stud: 11/16" 17mm wide


Battery Cables NOT included.


1-9 $57.70 ea.
10+ $47.70 ea.

Shipping by UPS and USPS

Yes, we ship to England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada!  Send us an email and we will get you the shipping totals. (Canada is already in the website system, so order away!) We can ship to other countries as well, call for details.


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