Nylon Lash Hook Fastener

Part #: LashHook-BLK
Net Weight: .1 oz

Stayput Nylon Lash Hook

Screw this piece of hardware down and you have a quick way to lash objects down. Works well with shock cord, bungee cord, and virtually any kind of rope.

Smooth edges to protect the rope's integrity.


Product Details

  • 1/2" (12 mm) wide, 1" (25 mm) length, 5/8" (17 mm) tall
  • ​3/16" (5 mm) hole
  • Available in black
  • Solid construction
  • UV resistant
  • 10 piece minimum order
  • Screws not included

If you would like screws, please go here to order:


Customers must order a minimum of 10 pieces.  All orders submitted with less than a 10 piece quantity will NOT be shipped and the account credited. 


10-99 $.95 ea.
100-999 $.45 ea.
1000+ $.35 ea.


Shipping by UPS and USPS.

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