Magnetic Hook -Black

Net Weight: 1 oz

These ultra-strong 20 lb. magnetic hooks are a versatile product that can be placed almost anywhere and hold up almost anything with ease. Unlike weaker magnetic hooks that slip and slide everywhere, these hooks are more than powerful enough to hold things still. If attached to a smooth, clean metal surface, these magnets can even be used in permanent applications with plenty of holding power to spare. If being attached to delicate surfaces that are easily scratched, then a thin sheet of cardboard, plastic, tape, or rubber can be placed in-between the magnet and the surface. 

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Used For

  • Decorative magnetic hooks
  • Magnetic key hooks
  • Magnetic refrigerator hooks
  • Magnetic wall hooks
  • Magnetic grill hooks
  • Magnetic locker hooks
  • Magnetic hooks for steel doors

No tools are required to mount these magnetic hooks, unlike traditional hooks that require extensive preparation to mount and leave unsightly holes where they've been placed, these will attach to any magnetic surface and can also be cleanly removed without leaving any markings. These hooks also blend in with their surroundings easily and make for a great temporary anchoring point for banners, posters, string lights, or other objects.

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