The Crespo's!!!

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Hey guys!  Loved your story so much I thought I would tweak your picture a bit so you could enjoy it a little better.  (Next time use your flash so it will fill in the dark areas automatically). (photographers hack)

If you would like a good file (so you can have a copy for yourself), just email me or call me at ObeCo and I will email you a copy.

While you are here, we do have a blogger affiliate program where you put our logo/link on your website and we issue you a code and you will make 5% and your followers get 5% off their purchase.  Every little bit helps right?  The Fit RV is one of our affiliates if you want to chat with them about us.  We can send you RV organizing stuff to try out too. Just a thought.  I went ahead and put a promo code on there for you to try.  Type in ROADSCHOOLING (all caps no spaces) and I'll give you 10% off.  (When you decide to be our affiliate, we will work out the 5/5 details.)

Either way, enjoy the picture!  

Have an Amazing Journey!

Steven Hite


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