Battery Power Studs

Part #: PT(Color)-38-L-02
Net Weight: 10 oz

Military Spec Power Studs PT(Color)-38-L-02 For those special circumstances where the standard Jump Start Battery access terminals just won't fit. ObeCo's Power Studs can adapt to most any unique situation. Simple drill and screw mounts into the bulkhead.

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  • Overall Length: 3 1/4"  83mm .  With Caps
  • Overall Width: 2 1/4". 57mm. With caps
  • Stud overall length: 2 3/4". 70mm. without caps
  • Stud width: 5/8"  16mm
  • Top stud to bulkhead mount height: 1 1/8". 29mm
  • Bottom stud to bulkhead mount height: 1 5/8". 41mm
  • Bottom bulkhead stud width: 1 5/16" 33mm 
  • Usable bulkhead width: 1/4" - 5/16". 6-8mm (the part where the bottom screws onto the stud to secure to bulkhead)

Sold individually in either Red or Black

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1-9 Pieces $20.95 ea.  10+Pieces $15.95 ea.
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