Stayput Dome Hook Horizontal

Part #: SP92Black
Net Weight: .3 oz

The Stayput Dome Hook is the latest addition to the Stayput Fastener range.  The low profile Dome Hook minimizes the risk of tripping or snagging when not in use, while still providing a secure anchor point. The Stayput Dome Hook accepts the Stayput Ultimate Shock Cord Clip.

The StayputTM Dome Hook Horizontal model was designed to secure fabric covers over sand pits and swimming pools. In many cases a fixing point needed to be installed on a flat surface like paving without creating a tripping hazard or a danger for small children. In some states, sand pits in child care centers, playgroups and preschools are required to be covered when not in use to prevent animals accessing them. Covers on swimming pools can prevent accidental drowning, minimize evaporation and keep leaf litter out.

The StayputTM Dome Hook is attached to a flat surface by two 8g countersunk screws. Neatly fitting color coded plugs then cover the screws giving a clean smooth finish. There is no need to recess the Stayput Dome Hook into the ground so installation is quick and easy. The Stayput Dome Hook is suitable for use in many applications including, children's playgrounds, around swimming pools, boat decks, walls, walkways, verandas etc.

 Available in Black (Custom colors available by request.)



  • Horizontal and Vertical Models
  • Easy Installation
  • Safe, Low profile Design
  • Made of UV Stabilized Nylon
  • 100% Corrosion Free
  • Available in Black
  • Custom colors available by request
  • 60mm or 2 3/8" diameter

Customers must order a minimum of 10 pieces.  All orders submitted with less than a 10 piece quantity will NOT be shipped and the account credited. 


10-99 $3.40 ea.
100-999 $2.00 ea.
1000+ $1.90 ea.



Shipping by UPS or USPS.

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