Stayput Tent Wall Hook Black

Part #: SP-55Black
Net Weight: 0.2 oz

The Stayput™ Tent Wall Hook is designed to hang marquee/tent walls from a rope or wire. It is simply fixed directly to the fabric using a backing plug and does not require the use of an eyelet or any special tools. As with the shock cord loop, the marquee hook can also be removed and re-fitted without damaging the fabric or the hook. 

This hook is made from UV stabilized, glass filled nylon and acetyl compounds for increased stability when exposed to temperature changes.

Minimum of 10 pieces

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Product Details

  • 1 7/8 long (47 mm), 7/8 wide (22 mm), 3/4" tall (20 mm)
  • Also available in White
  • Nylon
  • UV resistant


  • No Grommet Required
  • Installs in 1/4 inch hole 
  • No special tool required for installation
  • Easily Hang your Tent Sidewalls from a Rope or Wire 
  • Designed not to jump off the rope 
  • Always in the upright position ready for quick installing

Brand:                        Stayput

Color:                         White

Hardware Material:    Nylon, Plastic

Overall Length:           1-3/4 inches

Overall Width:             13/16 inch

Hook Length:               1 inch

Quantity Discount
10-99 Pc. $1.50 100-999 Pc. $1.05  1000+ Pc. $.95



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