Griipa POSTA White Soap Dish

Part #: GPOS003-103 -CLEARANCE
Net Weight: 5 oz




Our POSTA Bath Hardware collection is the ideal balance of fun and function. POSTA comes in fun colors all paired nicely with a warm satin white finish.

Better Than Suction For A More Permanent And Professional Install. Place Almost Anywhere!


No more bending over, wasting soap, or dealing with a soggy bar. This is one of the best ways to have a soap dish right where you want it, and it is super easy to install. The unique, friction mount system allows you to place it almost anywhere without tools, hardware or any sort of glue, and it will remain in place until you decide to move it. The back portion may look like a suction cup, but this remarkable product is attached by something far more sturdy and permanent. Once in place, it will hold up to ten pounds, it will remain flush with the wall, and it will never rotate or slide around. Although it will seem like it is cemented in place, or attached with screws, the mounting bracket is totally reusable, and can be re-positioned over and over again. Make up for a shower stall with inadequate storage space, or keep your soap out of the spray to make it last longer. A simple design makes it work with any decor, and holes on the bottom help promote drainage and drying. Perfect for anywhere in the bathroom, but also ideal for the kitchen or laundry room to hold soap in a convenient location.

Where To Use It

Strong adhesion allows you to stick this on almost any bathroom surface. Although it holds amazingly well, it does not require hardware, it will not leave any sort of residue, and you can even remove it and place it somewhere new anytime you want. It works alone on anything smooth and shiny, and comes with an adapter sheet to make it work on anything slightly textured or more matte or dull in appearance. For most folks, this will cover any portion of their bathroom including, tubs, showers, mirrors, walls and more, but take a look at the list of compatible surfaces below. It will not work on deeply textured surfaces or materials that normally resist suction.

  • Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Glossy Tile
  • Acrylic
  • Fiberglass
  • Porcelain
  • Chrome
  • Stainless Steel (with adapter)
  • Matte Tile (with adapter)

How To Install It

You don't need any tools, and no hardware is included or necessary for install. You will not need to lick the back or anything silly to ensure a strong bond, because although it may look like a suction cup, it is quite different. No adhesive substance keeps it in place, no sticky stuff will be left behind if you decide to remove it, and it has no ability to ruin any surface you use it on. Once mounted, the dish will appear to be permanently installed as it rests totally flush, and does not move at all. It will not flop around, or slide under weight, and you will not need to readjust it with every shower. The friction mount system is incredibly strong and it will support up to ten pounds with no trouble. That's some pretty heavy soap!

  1. To install, select a location and make sure the surface is both compatible and clean. Removing any grime will make it stick better, and ensure it stays in place until you decide to remove it.
  2. Most situations will not require the adapter sheet, but if necessary, peel off the backing and apply it to the spot you want the soap dish. Press on and push out any air bubbles.
  3. Take the circular part that looks like a suction cup, and remove the backing.
  4. Apply direct pressure and press in place.
  5. Massage visible air bubbles toward the outside to remove them.
  6. Press firmly at center to make it totally flush, and remove any remaining air bubbles with your finger.
  7. Attach soap dish to mounting bracket by sliding into place. Position above the circle, and then slide down onto center post.
  8. To remove or re-position, slide dish up and off bracket and then peel off circle to remove it. To place in new location, repeat steps above.


How It Works

The patented technology is almost like a cross between traditional suction cups and a vinyl sticker. The size and shape makes it look similar to regular suction products when not installed, but when in place, the mounting method is totally concealed and much more permanent. The material is thinner and it works in a similar way, but the advanced design featured here creates way more friction, and prevents any sort of movement. Once in place, the whole circle will adhere for an incredibly strong grip that does not slip. It will not flop, twist or pivot, and it will not slide down when something is on top. You can pull directly out, or press down to apply weight, and the mounting bracket will not budge. Because the dish mounts completely flush to your shower wall, this attachment method works better, and looks better too. Order Yours Today!

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