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The process is easy and painless. You promote our products, we give you a special customized code. When your audience uses your code, you receive 5% of the total sale and they receive 5% off their order. Win-Win!  How sweet is that? You can write a blog, make a video, dance with it on TikTok, do whatever you do on Instagram, (we don't really care how you do it). Just do it!  Seize the day with Passive income!
Contact Steve the Marketing Guy to get you set up (and to answer any other questions you may have). We can get you set up in less than an hour. We have artwork, gif's, banner ads or whatever you need to beautify your website. Get paid to stay at home or where ever you roam. Shite@ObeCoInc.com

The Roving Foleys are one of our latest affiliates.  Check them out!

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