18x18 Mountable Laundry Bag

Net Weight: 8 oz

BRAND NEW!  Space Saving Mountable Laundry Bag. 18x18. Keep laundry separated and easy to organize.  Can easily be mounted to the wall or under a bunk bed.  Uses easy mount twist clips. Helps speed up laundry!  Since everything is already separated, simply empty bag into washer.  After drying, put back into same bag for easy transport back to your unit.  


Yes, we ship to England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada!  Send us an email and we will get you the shipping totals. (Canada is already in the website system, so order away!) We can ship to other countries as well, call for details.


This item is built to order and can take from 1-3 business days to make. Expedited shipping will be from the day shipped and not the day ordered.

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