301 Under Cabinet Mount

Part #: LCD-301
Net Weight: 5 lbs

ObeCo Under Cabinet flip-down mount allows you to mount your LCD beneath any cabinet or other horizontal surface easily and is designed to accommodate small displays. It can be mounted underneath a cabinet, on a table, desk or on a wall.

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  • Typically fits 10-24" screens with VESA, 3"x3" (75mmx75mm) or 4"x4" (100mmx100mm)  mounting patterns
  • A unique, flip-down design for easy mounting beneath any cabinet or horizontal surface.
  • Adjustable screen positioning anywhere along the support post.
  • Pivots 360 degrees.
  • Can be used as a swing out arm for wall mounted applications.
  • Extend length of traveling rod for enhanced mounting positions.
  • Includes T-nut insert designed to protect and reinforce the cabinet surface when mounting the FLIP.
  • Display positioning anywhere along the support post.
  • Flips down for easy use, flips up to keep counters clear.
  • Available in black finish.
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1-9 Pieces $52.45 ea.  10+Pieces $47.45 ea.
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